Sustainable plastic waste management through education and awareness is the need of hour. A strong partnership between ‘Teachers’ and ‘Students’ along with the ‘Education Department’ would be required to achieve success in this mission. The goal of the proposed project is to reduce use of plastic, reuse and 100% recycling and to stop the use of ‘Single Use’ plastic products by the recyclable and eco-friendly alternatives through educating people and creating a strong cadre of trained teachers who can educate and motivate students and together with students motivate community for positive actions. The project activities will include– Awareness and Training Programme in 5\Colleges, publishing a pamphlet on plastic waste management; introduction of “Plastic Craft” for source reduction of plastic waste and developing a ‘WhatsApp Group’ for an warning system to prevent ‘use and throw practice’ and to create a platform for the ‘judicious use of plastic’ for responsible consumers.