Peace Trust

It is estimated that 40 % of the food produced in India is wasted and 1.9 crore Indians malnourished. The value of food wastage in India is around Rs 92,000 crores per year. The proposed project ensuring sustainable consumption envisions to achieve SDG goal No-12. To sensitize on healthy eating habits, access to local food, reduce food waste and recycle. The expected outcome is to reach food and nutrition security. Reductions of environment foot prints and recycle food waste. The project activities will include; 1. Spread awareness and sensitize general public through IEC materials; like posters, stickers and Handbills. 2. Radio broadcasting topics Healthy eating options, access to local food, waste management and recycling for 7 days twice a day. 3. Awareness and Sensitization through staff in our project. A total of 50 staff participate presentations. They share the message through volunteers, SHG members and stakeholders from the community.