Sustainable Consumption
Through a Sharing Community

Green Action Week: 1-8 October 2023

Green Action Week is a joint action campaign to promote sustainable consumption at the community, country, regional and international levels. The theme is ‘sharing community’ to promote sustainable, collaborative, equitable and creative ways of being in the world. The campaign is open to all organisations that want to host activities that speak to the theme of sharing community in a context of sustainable consumption.

What is
Green Action Week?

Green Action Week is a joint action global campaign to showcase sustainable, equitable and creative ways of consuming sustainably.


Why a Sharing
Community Matters

We need to work together to build a better world for all and building a sharing community is one way to do this.


Anthology of
Sustainable Consumption

Read about different perspectives on sustainable consumption written by partner organisations around the world.


Stories of
Systemic Action

Organisations around the world are organising activities that support the emergence of a more sustainable and equitable world.


Who We Are

Green Action Week was founded by the Swedish Society for Nature Conservation in 1990 to showcase actions for change.


Sign up for
Green Action Week

Find out how to join this global campaign and make your contribution to the building of a sharing community.