Sharing Community
in the Philippines

This is a film about farmers in the Philippines defending their livelihoods and their environment against unsustainable consumption by bringing back ‘Bayanihan’ – a Filipino tradition of community sharing and unity. ​

“They are showing that through Bayanihan, community sharing and unity, they can be resilient, and provide safe, abundant, and affordable food.”  

Rowena Buena, Regional Coordinator, Masipag Luzon​

This film was created by KI Multimedia, a Manila-based video production company.

The film follows Masipag, a farmer-led network of farmers organisations, scientists and NGOs, who are facing the twin threats of climate change and corporate-controlled agriculture.

You can watch the full six-minute film below. Please help support Global South-led solutions to the unsustainable consumption crisis and share the 60-second trailer from our Facebook page.

This video has been produced with the financial contribution of the Swedish International Development Co-operation Agency (SIDA) through the Swedish Society for Nature Conservation, (SSNC). The views herein shall not necessarily be taken to reflect the official opinion of SSNC or its donors.