Green Action Week Acts on Many Fronts to Bring About

Sustainable Consumption

Green Action Week 2023 was alive with exciting campaigns hosted around the world focused on the many aspects of consumption that we need to shift to allow a sustainable world to emerge. Of the 40-plus participants, some focused on sharing information on sustainable consumption and best practices to bring it about. This work needs to happen at many levels – with governments, with industry and with communities and individuals. 

Sustainable Consumption
Campaigns 2023

In Brazil, Centro Ecologico helped to build a sharing community by hosting workshops on upcycling clothing, talks at schools about composting where they introduced learners to the Earth Charter, and produced videos on recycling and food waste, which encouraged the consumption of non-conventional edible foods.  Also in Brazil, the Instituto Brasileiro de Defesa do Consumidor focused on sharing examples of good practices, accessible technologies and solutions. They emphasised the power of human collaboration and community engagement.

On the other side of the world in Mali, Regrouping for the Defence of Consumers of Mali held high-impact conferences to raise awareness of climate change and the vital importance of protecting natural resources through knowledge exchange and dialogue. Also in Africa, in Togo, the Togolese Association of Consumers promoted local economies, showcasing local producers and traders, to contribute to reduced greenhouse gas emissions from long-distance trade and to grow the local economy. And the Consumer Council of Zimbabwe, held a series of workshop on consumer rights, duties and responsibilities and shared knowledge on how people can evaluate the environmental impact of their households.

Centro Ecologico
Instituto Brasileiro de Defesa do Consumidor

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