Sharing Community

is key to bringing about sustainable consumption

Green Action Week is a global campaign involving more than 40 non-governmental and community-based organisations that work towards supporting sustainable consumption. They do this under the theme of Sharing Community. The notion of Sharing Community is a principle-led movement towards building a world in which consumption delivers benefits for the common good and in which there is equality and respect for all, as well as social and economic justice.  A Sharing Community is characterised by collaboration and a focus on building relationships to overcome common challenges.

Sharing Community
Campaigns 2023

In Green Action 2023, participants demonstrated Sharing Community through events, fairs and festivals, art and cooking competitions, learning and sharing sessions and more. They brought creativity and passion to their work in raising awareness of the need for sustainable consumption with school learners and parents, community members, farmers, women’s groups and decision-makers, including policymakers. 

Many of the campaigns, which run from September through to November, with the main focus in the first week of October, undertook activities that support the emergence of a circular economy (re-using, recycling and upcycling). Others had multi-pronged outcomes – clothes swapping and renting activities that boosted awareness of the damage caused by clothing waste. When people collaborate and share goods and services, communities become stronger. Stronger communities generate shared social benefits that also reduce the negative impact we have on the planet.

Our sharing community grew over the year – from the one above  – to the one below, which is the tree captured in the celebrations and reflections wrap up party

Visons of a World that is Consuming Sustainably

This year, many participants also took part in a research project undertaken by the Mistra Sustainable Consumption. The research aims to stimulate a transition to sustainable consumption by generating in-depth knowledge of how niche practices can be mainstreamed. As part of this, participants hosted envisioning workshops, the essence of which was captured by an artist. The stunning artworks – in a range of mediums – will be part of a digital display in Sweden in 2024 and be available on the Green Action Week website.

Check out our mini-stories booklet to read about some of the great campaigns that took place in Green Action Week 2023.