Green Action Week Promotes Uptake of Sustainable

Food & Farming Systems

Food is not a commodity, it sits at the heart of social life, part of many cultural customs and identities. When food is abstracted into a commodity, often made far away from the place of consumption, the resources used to make it are not visible, how it is made is not transparent, and payment for it takes money out of local economies. We need to revive food cultures that support local producers, consume seasonal and nutrient-dense, chemical-free foods, and that support beneficial community life. Many of the Green Action Week 2023 participants used their campaigns to show how food and farming can be reimagined as a cultural and community good.

Food and Farming Campaigns 2023

In Costa Rica, Ambio Sociedad Civil collaborated with local groups and government authorities to endorse healthy eating and encouraged communities to engage in dialogue on this topic. In Peru, the Asociación Peruana de Consumidores y Usuarios set up organic gardens in less-privileged areas, mostly close to community kitchens and in areas prone to dumping of waste. Communities were involved in establishing the gardens, fostering a sense of ownership of them. ASPEC also hosted fun, educational events on responsible and conscious eating with consumers of all ages. In Benin, the Benin Consumer Health and Survival built the capacity of 100 women through an organic home garden training project who will go on to train 500 women and nearly 100 men on sustainable home gardening.

TheNetwork for Consumer Protection in Pakistan showcased sustainable alternatives through educational workshops and by supporting the establishment of community gardens. Their campaign also revitalised stalled government initiatives related to sustainable kitchen gardening. And in Argentina, Consumidores Argentinos worked to the theme of ‘Recycle – Promote Social Economy – Promote Healthy Food’ demonstrating to local food producers, community members and schools how to recycle food waste into compost. Activities also included art, allowing participants to express themselves visually. Magsasaka at Siyentipiko para sa Pag-unlad  g Agrikultura in the Philippines hosted forums and conferences on land rights and sustainable agriculture to promote awareness and solidarity on these issues. Community-based training brought people together, fostering farmer-to-farmer knowledge transfer. Agrofairs expanded sectoral reach, advancing solidarity for a humane society and safe food systems.

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