Vision 2030

Asociación Peruana de Consumidores y Usuarios (ASPEC), Peru

Both works highlight citizen values ​​and transformation from a vision of responsibility and commitment for sustainable change.”

Juan Carlos Silva Bocanegra, Artist

The Vision

This vision is of a future where people are eating healthy food that they produce at home. This creates a greater sense of well-being and environmental connection. This envisioned world transforms urban spaces as neighbours work together to grow food for all. Families learn to cultivate crops in small spaces, fostering a sense of empowerment and self-sufficiency. By emphasising citizen values and fostering a commitment to sustainable change, these artworks inspire others to learn, apply, and teach, creating a chain effect of positive environmental action within communities.

What is your sustainable vision?

And how do we get there?


ASPEC is a non-profit organisation founded in 1994 by citizens who wanted to take action against corporate injustice and government inaction. They focus on consumer protection and work on various issues such as food, agriculture, health and public services. ASPEC has conducted many successful campaigns with high media impact and filed hundreds of legal actions to defend consumer rights. 

2023 Campaign

ASPEC’s campaign promoted consumption of pesticide-free food and support for urban agriculture. Activities included setting up organic gardens in less-privileged areas, mostly close to community kitchens and in areas prone to dumping of waste. Communities were involved in establishing the gardens, fostering a sense of ownership of them. ASPEC also hosted fun, educational events on responsible and conscious eating with consumers of all ages. Participants were able to reflect on their own consumption habits and their role in conserving natural resources.

This is part of the Mistra Sustainable Consumption research program in collaboration with Green Action Week.