Vision 2030

Colectivo Ecologista Jalisco, A.C. (CEJ), Mexico

There was a combination of intellect combined with the heart, the good will and harmony of the participants. This process shows a pillar of humanity in all its aspects.”

Gaal Cohen, Artist

The Vision

In CEJ’s artwork they merged photographs of the paintings and participants, creating a blend of intellect and heart, showcasing the goodwill and harmony among those involved. The vision is a future where sustainability permeates all aspects of human existence. They highlighted five fundamental components: 1) The significance of values, rooted in hope and a determination for dignified living. 2) Societal cohesion, focusing on local identities and community organisation. 3) Unity and communication, fostering systemic consciousness for a world that accommodates diverse perspectives. 4) Equipping themselves with tools such as research and technology, challenging conventional habits. 5) Actionable steps tailored to specific contexts, recognising essential needs, and addressing global crises and inequalities.

What is your sustainable vision?

And how do we get there?

About CEJ

CEJ is a civil society organisation based in Guadalajara, Mexico that defends the public interest in relation to environmental and social sustainability through intersectoral dialogue, environmental education, public advocacy, social innovation and applied research. It promotes creative forms of citizenship and construction of meaningful communities to advance towards sustainability. It focuses on, among other things, air quality, toxins and environmental health, consumption and citizenship, and mobility and transport. 

2023 Campaign

CEJ advocated for #ClearLabellingNOW by engaging 200+ citizens and consumers in Plastic and Label Audit Workshops. An experiential activity where they identified technical and labeling characteristics of their own waste. Excitingly, calls have been made to extend these workshops to schools, municipalities, and workplaces. CEJ also continued building the network among civil society and scientists by participating in academic gatherings on plastic pollution and hosting webinars where the need for an #AmbitiousGlobalTreatyOnPlastics was discussed, among other things.

This is part of the Mistra Sustainable Consumption research program in collaboration with Green Action Week.