Vision 2030

Consumers Lebanon (CL), Lebanon

Waste Less, Save More.”

Rawan Ali Nour al dine, Artist

The Vision

As many households discard surplus meals and untouched feasts, just a few miles away, hungry children dream of the very sustenance being tossed aside. The uneaten dinners, overstocked pantries, and decadent buffets all symbolise a stark divide, where one’s excess can be another’s salvation. This vision is for greater compassion and responsible sharing to bridge the gap between abundance and scarcity, ensuring no child goes to bed with an empty stomach when there’s so much food that could, and should, be shared.  Preventing this waste will also save resources. In this vision meals are planned wisely, food is stored properly, and with excess shared with those in need through donations or community support.

Artists (Left to Right): Rawan Ali Nour al dine; Rasha Ibrahim Farho & Zahraa Nasser Abdallah

What is your sustainable vision?

And how do we get there?

About CL

CL has worked to defend consumer rights in Lebanon since 2000. It is a successful and experienced campaigning organisation focused on a wide range of issues – from food security and pollution to pesticides, water and taxation.
It actively advocates in the policy space and connects with consumers through a regular newsletter and a hotline for consumer complaints and queries. CL sits on a number of national committees and has become influential in shaping public opinion, particularly through its ongoing profiling in local media.

2023 Campaign

CL worked on the challenge of food waste in its campaign by promoting the sustainable solution offered by circular economy thinking. Together with a local community, it developed a vision of sustainable consumption for 2030 and a roadmap for getting there. Part of this was a focus on eliminating food waste and building a circular economy and CL shared videos related to this topic between communities.

This is part of the Mistra Sustainable Consumption research program in collaboration with Green Action Week.