Vision 2030

Consumidores Argentinos, Argentina

Trees, humans and the earth are part of this ecosystem. It is our vision that we return to our roots where we remember that we are part of the whole.”

Griselda Olea & Maria Fernanda Pizzini, Artists

The Vision

The vision portrays a thriving Earth, with a healthy environment supporting a flourishing tree which is deeply rooted in fertile soil. This symbolises the harmony of nature. This idea of nourishment extends into the community, where all strive for well-being and a healthy ecosystem. Through nutritious foods, they nourish their bodies and expand their minds, contributing to the evolution of humanity and its environment. Like a tree deeply rooted in rich soil, they aspire to flourish in endless harmony with nature’s melody. This symbolic artwork became an emblem of the Consumidores Argentinos Green Action Week campaign.

What is your sustainable vision?

And how do we get there?

Consumidores Argentinos

Consumidores Argentinos is an association
for the defence, education and information
of consumers. Formed in 1995, Consumidores Argentinos aims to protect, inform and educate consumers about their rights. It does this through lobbying and campaigning, offering consumer advice, lobbying for appropriate consumer legislation, helping to resolve disputes, testing products for alignment with consumer standards and publishing information for dissemination to consumers.

2023 Campaign

Consumidores Argentinos worked to the theme of ‘Recycle – Promote Social Economy – Promote Healthy Food’ for its campaign to encourage the emergence of circular economy approaches within the food system. It demonstrated to local food producers, community members and schools how to recycle food waste into compost. Activities also included art, allowing participants to express themselves visually. A highlight of this campaign was the generation of interest and emotion that enabled campaign participants to understand the challenges and how to implement the solutions.

This is part of the Mistra Sustainable Consumption research program in collaboration with Green Action Week.