Vision 2030

TheNetwork for Consumer Protection, Pakistan

The artwork symbolises a community united by a shared commitment to education, portrayed through a vibrant and colourful beacon of hope.”

Muzammil Hussain, Artist

The Vision

The vision is of a future where a vibrant community thrives on the principles of sustainability and collective action. At the heart of this vision lies the widespread embrace of kitchen gardening, symbolising a return to locally sourced, fresh produce and the sharing of surplus harvests among neighbours. Community engagement emerges as a cornerstone for raising awareness, educating individuals, and instilling a sense of shared responsibility for environmental stewardship. Despite facing challenges such as low literacy rates in marginalised areas, the future sees tailored educational programs and awareness campaigns bridging knowledge gaps and empowering all members of society. Stricter enforcement of regulations, particularly concerning the protection of minors from harmful substances like tobacco, underscores a commitment to safeguarding the well-being of future generations.

What is your sustainable vision?

And how do we get there?

About TheNetwork

TheNetwork For Consumer Protection in Pakistan is a policy advocacy organisation that has created its niche among lawmakers, policymakers, media, civil society and consumers. It was incorporated in 1992 in Pakistan. Throughout its catalytic and facilitative role, TheNetwork is working on consumer protection and promoting awareness and enhancing the livelihoods of consumers in Pakistan. The organisation depends on the ongoing support and collaboration of different partners – national and international organisations – to meet its core objectives to protect consumers. It has worked on issues such as nutrition, health regulations, tobacco control, energy regulations, financial services, safe food regulation, environment, taxation and product standards.

2023 Campaign

We need to change the way that we produce and consume. TheNetwork’s campaign focused on raising awareness of the problems caused by unsustainable practices and on showcasing sustainable alternatives.

It did this through educational workshops and by supporting the establishment of community gardens. The campaign also revitalised stalled government initiatives related to sustainable kitchen gardening. It also focused on highlighting the issue of food waste and on encourage community sharing – of food and of space.

This is part of the Mistra Sustainable Consumption research program in collaboration with Green Action Week.