Vision 2030

Yogyakarta Consumer Institute (YCI), Indonesia

Plastic Veil Unveiled, shows the harsh reality of our world ensnared in the suffocating embrace of plastic.”

Vera Koben, Artist

The Vision

The vision for a sustainable future places emphasis on ensuring access to water, fertile land, renewable energy, and sustainable tourism, while also striving for a clean environment devoid of harmful pollution. In this vision, children grow up healthy with ready access to nutritious, locally sourced food, and animals are cared for with consideration for their welfare. In response to the currently overflowing dumping sites and littered streets, the envisioned future entails a clean and healthy environment achieved through effective waste management strategies.

What is your sustainable vision?

And how do we get there?

About YCI

Yogyakarta Consumer Foundation is an independent, non-profit, volunteer-based organization whose mission is to work for a fair, just and safe environment for all consumers. It is the first consumer organisation in Yogyakarta and is open to all community members wanting to help establish a fair and just environment for consumers in Indonesia. It runs a number of programmes related to consumer rights, with a particular focus on energy – including sources of energy and impacts on human health and the environment. It also focuses on alternative food and food safety issues.

2023 Campaign

Moringa is an undervalued and underused crop, despite its high nutrient count. YCI shared information and experiences related to the cultivation of moringa, the crafting of eco-enzyme fertiliser, processing of moringa into health and nutritious dishes and learning materials. YCI supplied rural communities with Moringa agricultural materials to kickstart production of the crop, which could be a viable value chain, generating sustainable livelihood opportunities, which also generating environmental benefits.

This is part of the Mistra Sustainable Consumption research program in collaboration with Green Action Week.