Vision 2030

Mycelium Media Colab, South Africa

Great people around me and beyond who are fighting these challenges has further inspired me to do my part. I can emulate their tireless efforts to bring change to my community.”

Reagan Rubain, Artist

The Vision

The vision is of a world characterised by equality, balance, and the meeting of all needs, contrasting with the current world’s characteristics of greed, exploitation, ecological devastation, and ill-health. In this vision, the world is led by principles and values, which then inform institutional mechanisms, laws, and regulations. It is based on human rights with consideration for nature’s rights. It is a world where the power of collaboration is realised. 

This vision is rooted in compassion, centered around the heart and wellbeing, ensuring that no one suffers due to human decisions. It’s a place where there’s an awakening to the wonder of life, and materialism and consumerism take a backseat. Here, people are prosumers – producers, and everyone finds purpose in meaningful work. It is a peaceful, creative, and musical world where circular systems flow seamlessly, from the household level to the global community. A world where we learn from nature and harness energy from the elements.

What is your sustainable vision?

And how do we get there?

Mycelium Media Colab

Mycelium is a co-operative of multimedia creatives and regenerators working together towards a healthy and sustainable world. Mycelium is a collaborative enterprise with a strong focus on communication for change, producing compelling content and experiences that shift people’s mindsets. They collaborate with academics, activists, dreamers, big thinkers, movers & shakers, and those who want to grow a regenerative world. Bringing together the talents, skills, resources and energy of multimedia creatives, they offer a networking, support and income-generation platform for members and affiliates.

2023 & 2024 GAW

Mycelium Media Colab provide communications support for Green Action Week participants and for the campaign week. They assist with building a community of practice, facilitating webinars, and offering communications training and one on one support.

This is part of the Mistra Sustainable Consumption research program in collaboration with Green Action Week.