Centro Ecologico

The Sharing Community and Sharing is Caring  themes will guide the actions. Activities will be carried out with schools that will connect with other Project audiences, such as other NGOs, Consumers´Cooperatives e Farmers´ groups. Everyone will be invited and taken to exercise sharing and caring practices, also with animals that are homeless. Organic food will be donated to communities in situation of vulnerability, in a very special way, involving giving and receiving: those who donate will receive seeds and seedlings, closing the life cycle – from the seed to the dish. Children and young people will be encouraged to create spaces to share through Cards and a Blog, generating information and reflecting on the theme. An APP will be created, where people can ask, offer, exchange and/or lend what they have or need. Farmers will be invited to revive sharing practices and to strengthen and expand those that are active and bring back those that are already in disuse.