SCPS, Sudanese Consumers Protection Society

Greater Khartoum is home to 451,000 students in roughly 1,500 schools; consequently, schools are overcrowded and there is a shortage and absence of sanitation facilities, public littering and a problem of unhygienic food being sold close to schools by local vendors. These contribute towards an unhealthy local environment affecting both human and planetary health. SCPS aims to build a sense of community to encourage ownership and accountability towards the local environment. In 2019, SCPS created a model of eco-schools in 8 primary schools and in 2020, SCPS will build on the success and implement eco-schools in 8 other primary schools in the Suburb of Arkawit. The eco-schools will inspire a sense of community amongst the students and teach about methods to preserve the local environment. It is hoped that the school students at the eco-schools will pass on their knowledge to their family, friends, neighbors and stimulate greater care for the local environment.