Decision maker lauds GAW efforts in Kenya

– We are what we eat, Caroline Kimweli says, who is Liason Officer at the Ministry of Agriculture in Machakos County, Kenya.

She is convinced that the way to go is through sustainable consumption patterns, which include organic food and farming.

– As a representative for the Department of Agriculture at the Ministry of Agriculture, I would no longer promote conventional agricultural methods but rather go for the organics, she says.

Caroline Kimweli continues by telling that the campaign has complemented the Ministry’s role well working for people’s sustainable agriculture. She now hopes that the GAW interventions could be spread to all the other seven sub-counties of Machakos County.

– I am glad that the campaign works in my county since it has helped a lot in raising consumer awareness on the key benefits that come along with the use of organic agricultural methods.

Half a million people reached at World Food Day event in Mwala-Machakos County

PELUM Kenya, a network of 46 non-governmental organizations used the world’s celebration of World Food day 2015 to raise consumer awareness on the importance of sustainable consumption patterns. Among a large range of activities, an organic food fair was held together with PELUM Kenya’s Member Organization INADES Formation Kenya in Mwala-Machakos County. A total of 400 consumers, farmers and decision makers joined the event. But indirectly more than 500,000 people were reached through local FM stations and print media. The event was even covered by the leading Kenyan newspaper (Sunday Nation) and aired at news time by Musyi FM.

Ministry of Agriculture – supporter of local Civil Society agenda

Caroline Kimweli from the Ministry of Agriculture in Machakos County was among the key stakeholders attending the World Food Day celebrations organized by PELUM Kenya. Being an Agricultural Officer by profession, she had a lot of interest in the GAW activities and participated in the planning meetings and all other GAW activities for the year 2015. Now she lauds the efforts by PELUM Kenya and its member organization in the County and more so the collaborative events during Green Action Week:

I appreciate Green Action Week for its awareness-raising on the importance of organic foods for the creation of a healthy planet and healthy people, she says.