Association Burundaise des Consommateurs-Transparency International Burundi (ABUCO)

ABUCO is working to promote, develop and defend consumer rights and to inform consumers. Burundi, is densely populated with many people living in rural areas doing subsistence farming on poor, acidic soils. Therefore, in GAW 2017, ABUCO will campaign in schools and farmers cooperatives in order to promote organic practices that improve soil quality, benefits health and protects the environment.

Côte d'Ivoire

Fédération des Associations des Consommateurs (FAC Cote d’Ivoire)

FAC-Côte d'Ivoire is a federation of national and local consumer groups created with the purpose of raising consumer rights awareness amongst the population. In GAW 2017, FAC will target harmful practices in domestic rice production. They will raise awareness and educate producers and consumers in the promotion of practical solutions to safe and sustainable local rice production.


Institute for Sustainable Development (ISD)

ISD is an organisation promoting ecological agriculture among smallholder farmers. GAW 2017 will mainly encompass the production of organic promotional material and its distribution (with an to estimated half a million people outreach). Field visits to organic farms by both producers and consumers. Radio and TV talk-shows on organic food.


Consumer Protection Association of Gambia (CPAG)

CPAG promotes and safeguards the interests and rights of Gambian consumers. In GAW 2017, CPAG links consumers to producers. Via “My farm” they demonstrate both the viability of farming business model and also the environment friendly nature of the products developed. They also introduce the initiative of how “good food ” is cooked by involving the Chef’s Association of the Gambia to do cookery demonstrations.


Kenya Consumer Organisation (KCO)

KCO is a national member-based, independent consumer organisation. In GAW 2017, KCO will campaign to promote organic agriculture. The main goal will be to increase sustainable production through organic practices to improve soil fertility and reduce the use of chemicals. KCO will also train farmers in making and using organic manure on their demonstration field

Participatory Ecological Land Use Management Association (PELUM Kenya)

PELUM Kenya is a national participatory ecological land-use management network, which currently comprises 46 member organizations. For GAW 2017, PELUM Kenya will work on the following: IEC (Information Exchange and Communication) material; Raise public awareness (events around World Food Day, Radio talks); Organic exhibitions; farmer field-trips for both consumers and producers to successful organic enterprises; an activity on organic marketing.


Consumer Protection Association (CPA)

CPA work to educate consumers about their rights, advocacy on the legislations that need to change to better serve the interests of consumers, to educate consumers about their responsibilities, attend to consumer complaints and mediation between aggrieved consumers and the business. Furthermore, CPA hold service providers responsible for violation of consumers’ rights in Lesotho. In GAW 2017, CPA will raise awareness on the dangers of pesticides, the lack of political will to address the pesticides regulations in Lesotho, and showcase the importance and benefits of organic farming.


Rwanda Consumer’s Rights Protection Organisation (ADECOR)

ADECOR represents consumers´ interests, encouraging the sharing of information on issues affecting consumers and carrying out lobby work. In GAW 2017, ADECOR will invite women to capacity building workshops and demonstrations of organic practices to produce healthy food and protect the environment.


Association pour la Défense de l’Environnement et des Consommateurs (ADEC)

ADEC works for the dissemination and implementation of the UN guidelines for Consumer Protection. In GAW 2017, ADEC will campaign for safer and sustainable food by promoting urban organic micro gardening.


African Organic Network (AfrONet)

AfrONet is a continental NGO working closely with national organic agricultural movements across Africa. They are engaged in supporting organic agriculture through policy and capacity building of national organic movements. In GAW 2017, AfrONet strives to create awareness among different stakeholder groups on sustainable farming methods, advocate regional governments to include sustainable farming methods into policy, so that food security is improved and environmental issues are managed well.


Envirocare is a non-profit organisation advocating for protection of the environment. In GAW 2017, Envirocare will raise awareness on the benefits of organic food and farming for all through establishment of spice organic farm, botanical garden, media, posters and demonstration plots, thus enabling people to make decision to go for organic products through behaviour change.


Association Togolaise des Consommateurs (ATC)

ATC promotes consumer interests and raises awareness on consumer rights. In GAW 2017, ATC will continue its campaign of educating consumers about the residues of chemical pesticides on fruits and vegetables. They plan to do workshops, roundtable and radio spots in French and in the local languages


Participatory Ecological Land Use Management (PELUM Uganda)

PELUM Uganda is a national participatory ecological land-use management network with 55 like-minded agricultural member organisations.  For GAW 2017, PELUM Uganda will promote organic food and agriculture aimed at consumers. The indigenous food fair during/around World Food Day promotes indigenous traditional foods and organic production. Growing middle class in country especially targeted.


Consumer Council of Zimbabwe (CCZ)

CCZ is a membership based consumer protection and empowerment organisation. In GAW 2017, CCZ expands its campaigns, training and demonstrations of organic practices. This time in the province of Masvingo which last year alone experienced temperatures as high as 45 degrees followed by destructive floods, cyclones and hurricanes. CCZ will promote, establish, train and support organic production clubs to enhance food production and food security using organic methods.



Centre for Environment and Sustainable Development India (CESDI)

Centre for Environment and Sustainable Development India (CESDI) established in April 1993 is a registered national NGO for Action, study and research on environment and sustainable development. During GAW 2017, CESDI will encourage and make aware consumers in Kottayam (Kerala), especially school children, to consume safe and sustainable food, by conducting various awareness programmes in schools.

Citizen consumer and civic Action Group (CAG)

CAG is an organisation working on environmental issues. In GAW 2017, CAG will promote organic rooftop/kitchen gardening amongst consumers and encourage the use of organic fertilizers to improve the nutritional value of the produce. They will also organize organic farm visits and distribute organic manure to farmers.

Consumer Education and Research Centre (CERC)

CERC is a research organization engaged in the promotion and protection of consumer interests. In GAW 2017, CERC will test vegetables for the presence of pesticides and heavy metals and raise awareness among consumers and voluntary organisations by organising workshops on food and health risks from hazardous pesticides.

Consumer Federation Tamil Nadu (CONFET)

CONFET is an organisation working to protect the interests of consumers through campaigning, consumer education and consumer activist trainings. During GAW 2017 they will organize seminars with farmers, marketers, consumers and scientists to discuss and raise awareness on adverse effects of chemical farming inputs and positive effects of organic produce.

Consumer Unity and Trust Society (CUTS)

CUTS is an Indian origin international consumer organization working for consumer sovereignty within and across borders with sustainable consumption as area of work. In GAW 2017, CUTS will encourage urban consumers in Jaipur to consume organic farm products by conducting school and a signature campaign and arranging cottage meetings, street plays and a stakeholder consultation. In addition will encourage the consumers to do organic kitchen gardening, as part of an effort to address the huge gap between the demand and supply for organic products.

Consumers’ Legal Protection Forum (CLPF)

Consumers’ Legal Protection Forum (CLPF) was established by a young group of professionals in 2008. In GAW 2017, it will enhance the consumption of organic vegetables and fruits by generating an increased demand among consumers of Guwahati city. Increased awareness is expected to result in an increased consumer demand which will further push demand for availability and affordability of organic vegetables and fruits.

Jan Kalyan Parishan (JKP)

Jan Kalyan Parishad (JKP) is working as regional resource agency for Ministry of Environment & Forest, Govt. of India. In GAW 2017, JKP aims to strengthen the role that consumer and environmental organisations can play as a vibrant part of civil society to raise awareness of the environmental and other impacts of consumption and promote and contribute to sustainable patterns of consumption amongst consumers, policy makers and other key stakeholders.

Manking Awareness Platform (MAP)

Manking Awareness Platform is an organization based in Agartala district of Tripura, India. In GAW, 2017 MAP has proposed to develop an eco-friendly, pollution free and hygienic environment for the people through various activities like workshops, stakeholder consultations, camps, rallies, street plays, signature campaign, and preparation of IEC material. The camps will be organised on ward basis with participation of 50-100 people per camp.

Mount Valley Development Association (MVDA)

Mount Valley Development Association (MVDA) is a grass root organisation working with the mountain communities of Uttarakhnad. In GAW 2017, MVDA is trying to build an interface between rural food production and urban food consumption where acceptance of organic food would be a vital step towards building a sustainable future.

National Centre for Human Settlements & Environment (NCHSE)

National Centre for Human Settlements & Environment is an organization based in Bhopal district of Madhya Pradesh, India. In GAW, 2017 NCHSE has proposed to organise capacity building programmes for farmers in selected villages in Sehore and Vidisha districts of Madhya Pradesh with minimum 30 participants per programme and a workshop in Bhopal to provide platform for both farmers and urban consumers to interact for mutual benefit. The organization will also use internet and mobile services to share information and networking.

Navvidya Bahuuddeshiya Sanstha (NBS)

Navvidya Bahuuddeshiya Sanstha is an organization based in Yavatmal dsitrcit of Maharashtra working in the field of rural and urban development since 1998. In GAW, 2017 NBS will be focussing on generating mass awareness involving minimum 500 farmers about positive effects of organic food, along with purchase and production of organic food. The programme will include running of awareness campaign through as rallies, street plays, signature campaign, workshop for farmers, stakeholder consultation meeting and preparation of IEC material.

Rural Action for Social Service (RASS)

Rural Action for Social Service is an organisation based in Chittor District of Andhra Pradesh, India working with children, women, poor and deprived section of the society. In GAW, 2017 RASS will be conducting an awareness programme on use of bio-pesticides and traditional methods of cultivation through public meetings, street plays, training workshop along with IEC material for information dissemination.

Sharda Shiksha Samiti (SSS)

Sharda Shiksha Samiti is an organization based in Shajapur district of Madhya Pradesh, India working on social, economic, cultural development, mental and physical issues since 1989. In GAW, 2017 SSS will work to facilitate farmers to grow organic food, mobilise agro-produce marketing persons for extending organic farming along with promoting consumers to switch to organic products. The approach is conduct workshop, rally, Street plays and Focused Group discussions along with preparing IEC material.

Shohratgarh Environmental Society (SES)

Shohratgarh Environmental Society is organization based in Siddharthnagar district of Uttar Pradesh, India. In GAW, 2017 SES will be working towards promoting organic production and consumption targeting farmers, students, consumers, media, NGOs, government officials through sensitization meetings in villages, school campaigns, plays, state level stakeholder consultation meeting, signature campaigns and preparation of IEC material in Lucknow, Uttar Pradesh.


Tarushakha is an organization based in Patna district of Bihar, India working on environmental/community based issues. In GAW, 2017 the organisation will promote organic farming with focus on weed management, soil management, crops and plant diversity, management of organic sources of plant nutrient, development of organic nutrition for soil fertility, and disposal and use of organic waste. The programme will be conducted through workshops, awareness rally and signature campaign.

Voluntary Organisation in the Interest of Consumer Education (VOICE)

VOICE is a consumer protection group working to promote and strengthen consumer education in India. In GAW 2017, VOICE will reach out to consumers raising awareness on the benefits and availability of organic food. Thus also attempting to bridge the gap between farmers and consumers.

Youth for Social Development (YSD)

Youth for Social Development (YSD) is a grass root organisation devoted to improve the lives of the rural and urban poor in Odisha. During GAW 2017, YSD will carry out a Safe and Sustainable Food Campaign creating awareness among public/consumers for consumption of organic food to safeguard our environment.


Yogyakarta Consumer Institute (LKY)

LKY is a volunteer based organisation working for a fair, just and safe environment for the consumer community. In GAW 2017, LKY will support community food sovereignty through improving skills of women in organic cultivation and post-harvest handling of organic food. LKY will also train farmers in order to receive national food safety certification, further expanding the organic food marketing coverage.


Jamyat Almoustahlk-Loubnan (Consumers Lebanon, CL)

Jamyat Almoustahlk-Loubnan (Consumers Lebanon, CL) is an NGO dedicated to defend consumers’ rights and interests. In GAW 2017, raise awareness among youth in schools and universities about the importance of organic food and the dangers of pesticides.


Consumers Association of Penang (CAP)

CAP advocates sustainable and ethical consumption using health as a major entry point. In GAW 2017, CAP will educate and campaign around the ”garden to plate” concept. This will involve composting organic kitchen waste for use as soil enhancers, a fair with diverse activities and demonstrations and kitchen gardening training. CAP will also develop a guidebook on how to grow and use beneficial herbs.

ERA Consumer

ERA Consumer is an education and research organisation for consumers. In GAW 2017, ERA will establish a community based blog for safe and sustainable food in Malaysia and organize a public forum with an organic food exhibition to raise awareness on safe and sustainable food.

Selangor and Federal Territory Consumers Association (SCA)

SCA is a membership based consumer protection organisation operating in the Malaysian state of Selangor. In GAW 2017, SCA will focus on empowering young consumers on safe and sustainable food. Through school outreach programs and a video competition, they will train students in what to look for in order to recognize safe and sustainable food.


Socio Economic Welfare Action for Women and Children (SEWA)

SEWA Nepal are working to improve the status of unprivileged women and children in rural and urban areas of Nepal by promoting consumer awareness and advocacy for respective policies. In GAW 2017 they will raise awareness on the negative impacts of insecticides and chemical fertilizer use and train farmers on procucing bio-pesticides.


The Network for Consumer Protection in Pakistan

The Network for Consumer Protection is an organisation focusing on consumer protection, governance and citizens' access to justice. In GAW 2017, the Network will develop, launch and distribute a shoppers guideline addressing, among other things, misconceptions about the fears of not using pesticides.


IBON Foundation

IBON is a socio-economic research, education and advocacy institution. Through publications, it reaches out to many sectors with alternative, pro-people analyses.

MASIPAG Farmer-Scientist Partnership for Development (MASIPAG)

MASIPAG is a farmer-led network of peoples’ organizations, NGOs and scientists aiming for farmer empowerment through sustainable agriculture. In GAW 2017, MASIPAG will, inter alia, engage in: Community based training on organic production; Conduct of organic food festivals, participation in trade fairs and organic food and products exhibits.

The Ecological Waste Coalition of the Philippines (The EcoWaste Coalition)

The EcoWaste Coalition is a network of interest groups promoting chemical safety and zero waste to protect the public health, the environment and the climate. In GAW 2017, EcoWaste will conduct a hands-on training for urban poor community representatives to share and learn practical skills on how to raise organic vegetables through container gardening and on how to turn biodegradable discards into compost

North America


Colectivo Ecologista Jalisco (CEJ)

CEJ is an NGO based in Guadalajara, Mexico, that defends the public interest in connection with environmental and social sustainability. In GAW 2017, CEJ seeks to answer what consumers and producers can do to exercise our rights in a context where environmental pollution, particularly water, plays an increasingly important role because of the risk it poses for access to healthy and sustainable food for all.



Consumers’ Organisation of Macedonia (COM)

The Consumers’ Organisation of Macedonia (COM) is an umbrella organisation of five consumer organisations from across the country. In Gaw 2017, COM will provide information to consumers and promote organic produce through a mobile application and an online interactive map.


Consumer Protection Movement of Belgrade (CPMB)

The Consumer Protection Movement Belgrade (CPMB) is a consumer organisation aiming to promote optimal socioeconomic development, sustainable consumption, social justice and respect of ethical norms. In GAW 2017, CPMB will educate and motivate consumers to exercise sustainable food choices.


Swedish Society for Nature Conservation (SSNC)

SSNC is Sweden’s largest environmental organisation with more than 226 000 members and GAW’s initiative taker. In GAW 2017, SSNC continues the campaign Fresh for real targeting hygiene products and informing on harmful substances that are found in soap, schampoo, lotion and makeup. The aim is to increase the supply and demand of ecolabelled cosmetic products. Employers and companies will be challenged to change to ecolabelled soap and in workshops participants can make their own lip balm, dry schampoo and deodorant.

United Kingdom

Consumers International (CI)

CI is the world federation of consumer groups. They bring together over 200 member organisations in more than 100 countries to empower and champion the rights of consumers everywhere. In GAW 2017, CI will administer and co-ordinate the Green Action Fund, from the application and selection process, to the distribution of grants to 25 recipient CI member organisations in low and middle income countries.

Latin America


Consumidores Argentinos (CA)

CA defends and educates Argentinian consumers about their rights. In GAW 2017, CA will promote healthy consumption, legal and institutional improvement in the control of the use of agrochemicals and their effects, and establish a symbol that serves to recognize healthy foods.


Centro Ecológico (CE)

CE is an NGO facilitating sustainable improvements in agricultural production through the adoption of agroecology. In GAW 2017 CE will work with social media, reaching consumers, farmers, teachers and students. Activities like products gustation, lectures, cooking workshop and elaboration and launching of a storybook for school children will take place.

Instituto Brasileiro de Defesa do Consumidor (IDEC)

IDEC, the Brazilian Institute of Consumer Defense, is a non-profit, member based consumer association established in 1987. In GAW 2017, IDEC and partners will promote a guided tour at an organic farm for key actors of the local government, students' parents, and other NGOs. This activity aims to sensitize those key actors to organic food benefits for health and environment and the harmful effects of pesticides, especially for children.


Formadores de organizaciones juveniles de consumidores y consumidoras (FOJUCC)

The FOJUCC aims to encourage consumers to lead more sustainable lifestyles and become more responsible and active citizens. They achieve this by educating and empowering all actors involved in the supply chain. In GAW 2017, FOJUCC will identify and protect food of native origin found in the native forests of the province of Bío Bío, threatened by pesticides and agrochemicals, so that consumers can know them, promote them and consume them sustainably. The target groups are the indigenous communities of Mapuche, Lebu and Cañete.



Fundaexpresión assists rural communities and social networks by defending food sovereignty and cultural-environmental heritage. During GAW 2017, Fundaexpresión will hold a rural – urban dialogue festival, promoting dialogue and understanding between rural and urban people, encouraging solidarity and self-affirmation and promoting sustainable livelihoods.


Asociación Peruana de Consumidores y Usuarios (ASPEC)

ASPEC is a Peruvian organisation established to promote and defend the rights of consumers in Peru. In GAW 2017, ASPEC will work in a province of Lima heavily affected by floods developing organic school gardens and educate on health, security and environment presevation in zones of high risk.

La Asociación Nacional de Productores Ecológicos del Perú (ANPE)

ANPE is a national network organisation defending the interests of local groups (eg agro ecological family farmers) engaged in food safety and bio and cultural diversity.